Town: Ljubuški
Genre: black metal
Status: active

Delmats is a black metal band formed in Ljubuški in 2006. and it's line-up is mostly consisted of ex members of an Ethno/Death metal band called Secret South. Their music as they say is mix of „commercial“ black metal with strong influences of death metal, due mainly to their drummer. The name Delmats came from a Herzegovinian tribe, that was one of the first to have migrated to Balkans. In 2007 the band enters the „Acronian“ studio, and only in four days time records their first EP entitled „Seeds Of Impurity“. Delmats already had a couple of gigs, mainly in Bosnian area, and is still in search of record label.  

Delmats je black metal sastav iz Ljubuškog. Nakon štpo se raspao bend Death in fire kojeg su osnovali Drago Mandić i Željo Dalmatin, 2006. godine osnivaju Delmats, odma im se pridružuju Vedran Pažulj - bubnjevi, Ivan Jovanović - bass i Dalibor Bošnjak vokali, tokom pisanja novih pjesama za demo materijal "Seeds of Impurity", tako da su Drago i Željo od tada vokali.
Line up / Postava:
Drago Mandić - gitara i vokal
Željo Dalmatin - gitara i vokal
Ivan Jovanović - bass
Vedran Pažulj - bubnjevi.

Releases / izdanja:
- Seeds of Impurity (demo, 2007)



Seeds of impurity (demo)
1. God of evil
2. Time of black religion
3. Beauty of evil
4. Suicide
5. Dreatures from the dark

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Delmats live (video)



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