Town: Bihać 
Genre: death metal / grindcore
Status: active 
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Duat is a death metal/grindcore metal band from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bihac. The band was formed at the beginning of 2009. First line-up consisted of Riad and Adin on guitars, Alen on drums, Dino on bass and Emir Ramić on vocals. Soon after the band settled up, Adin left so Duat continued to work with only one guitar. The band's vision was to play a combination of death metal, thrash metal with less or more hardcore influence. Right before the first gig, the band got a new vocalist, Emir Toromanović and with his arrival the band’s music style changed. From that moment on, Duat is considered to be death metal and grindcore. Emir Ramić left the band, but on every gig and the EP that the band released in September of 2010 (Misery) he was their guest vocalist. For a long period the band worked like a quartet. At the beginning of 2011 the band introduced the new member Benjamin (guitar), and line-up consists of five members to this day. So far, Duat’s most notable gig was in Sarajevo where they opened for Misery Index. They released EP "A Vision To Show" in October, 2011.

Duat je death metal/grindcore bend osnovan u Bihaću početkom 2009. godine. Postavu su činili Emir (vokal), Riad (gitara), Adin (gitara), Dino (bass), Alen (bubnjevi). Ubrzo bend napušta Adin, a 2010 i Emir. Umjesto Emira Ramića novi vokal postaje Emir Toromanović. Do sada su imali nekoliko nastupa, uglavnom u Bihaću i Sarajevu. U septembru 2010. godine su izadali EP "Misery". Početkom 2011. bendu se pridružuje još jedan gitarist, Benjamin Čišić. Za sad njihov najvažniji nastup je bio sa Misery Index-om u Sarajevu, u maju 2011. U oktobru prošle godine izdali su EP "A Vision to Show". 

Line up / Postava:
Emir Toromanović - vocal,
Riad Šahinović - guitar, 
Benjamin Čišić - guitar,
Dino Taletović - bass, 
Alen Mešić - drums.

Ex-members / Bivši članovi:
Emir Ramić - vocal,
Adin - guitar.

- Misery (EP, 2010.) (click here to download)
- A Vision To Show (EP, 2011.) (see info)

Duat rehearsal (video)

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