Damir "Daddo" Oreskovic

Town: now: Chicago (USA) / before: Bihać (B&H)
Genre: progressive metal / rock
Status: active

Daddo Oreskovich was born in 1978 in the small town of Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the age of six, he began studying classical guitar and piano. When the war broke out in Bosnia, Daddo was determined to continue his musical aspirations. With minimal life conditions, under the candle light, he would spend most of his days in his basement, playing guitar and writing music. After the war was over and after high school graduation, Daddo attended the Music Academy in Sarajevo as a Music Theory major, playing the piano since the Academy did not have a Guitar Department at the time. In his second year of studies, he met some friends from Boston and they encouraged him to apply to Berklee College of Music and study electric guitar. After a tape audition, Daddo was then invited to Paris for the Berklee College of Music Live Scholarship Tour. In 1999, Daddo received a Berklee scholarship award letter, and in January of 2001 he moved to Boston. While at Berklee, his musical mentors were: Joe Stump, David Fiuczynski, Mark White and Don Lappin. In addition to studying traditional subjects (Harmony, Counterpoint, Arranging and Conducting), Daddo learned about various musical styles in modern/popular music, music technology with a specialization in Progressive and Neo-Classical Rock/Metal, as his main guitar approach. He promptly graduated in 2004, with a degree in Guitar Performance. Daddo’s debut album “The Other Side” is the crown of his accomplishment in 24 years of being a musician. This album features amazing guitar performances, Symphonic arrangements and very vibrant melodic ideas. This album was two times Top Seller on Guitar Nine Records website. Daddo now resides in Chicago, and he’s working as a composer, recording engineer and producer. Daddo is also an associate editor and guitar instruction columnist in Croatian music magazine "Gitara i Bas".


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