The Aebyss Radio Show

The Aebyss Portal is promoting metal music, concerts and festivals trough radio show and web portal. Media support for all events around Europe and for labels around whole world.

The Aebyss is a non-profitable organisation established in Sarajevo, BA. 

They started with a radio show in 1998. and with the web portal in 1999. portal was one of the most visited music web portals in ex-Yugoslavia and one of the biggest metal portals in the world but today all their activities are moved on Facebook so you can follow them on the listed links below. There are news, many reviews of new records and interviews with every important musician in the world’s metal scene today

Besides that, The Aebyss crew participates in many concert activities and organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also follows many festivals across Europe. 

The Aebyss promotes all the way METAL!
Heavy, Thrash, Speed, Black, Death, Grindcore, Melodic Death, Gothic, Goom, Sludge, Drone, Industrial, Metalcore, Progressive, Power, Symphonic, Crossover...

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The Aebyss Radio Show is powered by a city radio station “Radio Sarajevo” and you can listen to it every Tuesday from 21:00 - 23:00 CET @ 90.2MHz in Sarajevo or via internet live streaming :

Reprise goes every Thursday from 01:00 after midnight.

Follow The Aebyss at:

{ Radio show every Tuesday at 21:00 ( CET ) }
{ Interviews and reviews in English language }
{ Social interaction and quick news! } 
{ Social interaction - bands, fans } 
{ Audio interviews in English }
{ Metal charts }


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